Water cooled electric arc furnace cables

Used to link the transformer output low voltage stationary bus-tubes or bus-bars to the move-able furnace support boom heads

Flexible braided and stranded connectors

Developed specifically for the electrical distribution industry

Lugs and ferrules

Tin plated copper crimping lugs, ferrules, T-connectors, solid center,weak back and brazing ferrules

Plain and tinned copper earth sock

Braided sleeve for use with heat shrinkable jointing systems and pressure joints

Round plain or tinned copper strand

Used extensively for large transformer connections, heavy current shunts or furnace droppers

Laminated copper connectors

Manifesting a considerable degree of flexibility resulting from a number of thin copper sheets laminated together

Composite Cable (Anti-theft)

Composite (anti-theft) earthing and bonding cable

Copper bus-bars

Electrical conductors that carries large currents as part of a power distribution system

Plain and tinned copper braid

Used as earth braids or continuous current carrying conductors

Industrial and car battery connectors and cable

Used in linking stationary battery cells into a battery string of the appropriate voltage and current-carrying capacity